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Great quotes and graphics aren’t just for your walls or car. With over a hundred designs, you are sure to find a high-quality tee shirt or hoodie to express your chic. We’ve got your eat/sleep/play preference, edgy designs, and humor for every taste.

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eat sleep canoe t shirt
Eat Sleep Canoe T-Shirt

Getting out and being in touch with nature in the serenity of a canoe. Just don't flip it in the water.

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eat sleep climb t shirt climbing t shirts 1
Eat Sleep Climb T-Shirt

Even when your not out climbing the rocks you can show everyone what you would rater be doing.

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep climb t shirt climbing t shirts
Eat Sleep Climb T-shirt Item #2

From the top of any mountain you can show off your Eat Sleep Climb T. Hey looks great from here.

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eat sleep dance t shirt
Eat Sleep Dance T-Shirt

Breaking it down gettin' your grove on the streets or on the stage. Eat Sleep Dance is letting people know what makes you move.

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep dive t shirt diving shirts
Eat Sleep Dive T-Shirt

If graceful diving is your thing then the Eat Sleep Dive shirt is just for you. Available in a Black or White shirt with contrasting design.

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep dribble t shirt basketball tshirts
Eat Sleep Dribble T-Shirt

On and off the court your mind revolves around basketball. Dribble, shoot, score!

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep drum t shirt drummer shirts
Eat Sleep Drum T-Shirt

If you're a drummer you need to rock out with Eye Candy's Eat Sleep Drum shirt. It's made with a 100% cotton T in White or Black with a contrasting long lasting print.

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep explore t shirt
Eat Sleep Explore T-Shirt

Love getting away from urbana and finding a little nook in the middle of nowhere? Then this is the shirt for you, it's all about finding what no one else has.

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep facebook t shirt
Eat Sleep Facebook T-Shirt

Have one of those friends that "posts" or "likes" everything 24 hours a day, this would make a great gift. We know you "like" this shirt, don't deny it.

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS
eat sleep fish t shirt fishing shirts 1
Eat Sleep Fish T-Shirt

Don't get your bobbers all tangled up, hook one of these great shirts to show off to your friends!

Starts at $12.99 DETAILS


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